general commands

!12s, !12seconds, !neveralone – link to 12 seconds description.
!911, !ff, !firefighter, !emt, !aemt, !edt – some of tero’s background.
!age, !birthday – tero’s age.
!asterisk – information and links for the Asterisk community.
!badges, !subbadges, !stars – what the sub badges mean.
!builds, !computers, !pc – computer specs.
!clip – clip last 30 seconds of the live stream.
!facecam, !cam – face cam you say?
!first – were you first to stream? claim it!
!followage – how long have you been following.
!forecast – want to know what the weather is?
!goal – what is the current donation goal for?
!help – hurting? anxious? depressed? get help here.
!join, !mods – want to become a moderator?
!kids, !children – tero has kids?!
!lurk – your awesome, and you’re lurking.
!merch, !merchandise, !store, !swag – get some merch.
!name – what does t3r0 mean?
!prime – have you heard of prime gaming?
!subathon – displays subathon information
!subathon uptime – gives the subathon’s current uptime.
!subscribe – want to subscribe?
!time, !date, !datetime – what day/time is it for tero?
!tip, !donate – want to contribute to the goal?
!tos – reminder to follow terms of service/community guidelines.
!uptime – how long has stream been up?
!vip – check your time left for the VIP reward
!website – link to the website… you’re here.
!wishlist – gift wishlist that doesn’t dox either of us.

social media commands

!discord – join the discord
!instagram – follow the insta
!patreon – support on patreon
!socials – all the links in one place
!tiktok – follow me on tiktok
!youtube – subscribe on youtube

sponsors & more

!beards – link to Mad Viking Beard Company
!bikes – link to Yosuda Bikes
!coffee – link to Fire Department Coffee
!flipflops – link to Combat Flip Flops
!headphones – link to Skullcandy
!vpn – link to ExpressVPN

fun commands

!8ball – got a question? ask the 8 ball.
!battle – dice battle another viewer
!catfacts – want a cat fact?
!chucknorris – facts about chuck norris
!dadjokes – dad jokes!
!dogfacts – want a dog fact?
!fakeadvice – need some questionable advice?
!ffa – free for all fight
!funfacts – want a fun fact?
!gamble – gamble your points
!leaderboard – see the top 5 viewers points
!numberfacts – facts about numbers.
!points – loyalty points
!vanish – just try it out… 🙂

roleplay commands

!backseat – reminder not to backseat
!fivem – fivem information
!meta – reminder not to meta
!server – roleplay server information
!visuals, !visualmod, !visualmods – list of gta mods being used

spotify commands

!slike – (vip+) like the song for tero
!slink – get a link to the current song
!snext – skip to the next song
!song – title and artist of current song
!songOut, !excludedSongs – (vip+) block current song from being requested
!spause – pause the music for tero
!splay – play the music for tero
!sprev – go back to the previous song
!squeue – show what song is next in queue
!sr – (vip+) song request