The term “12 seconds” or interchangeably “Never Alone” have been a core pilar of my community, and platforms as a whole. It began as “12 seconds of courage”, something I would say from time to time on stream. Initially the 12 was just an arbitrary number, but the expression took on a life an a deeper meaning all of its own. I would encourage people to exercise 12 seconds of courage. The belief then being that it only took 12 seconds of courage to stand up and say “I’m not OK”, “I need help” or “I am struggling.”
From that a very dear friend of mine, “Clairebear”, created this beautiful logo. First and foremost the “12” centered in the logo, which then combines with the dots and slashes at the bottom of the logo – Morse code for “seconds” – the nod to “12 seconds”. From there, the “NEVER” at the top and “ALONE” at the bottom, a reminder that no matter what we go through in life we are never alone.
And here is where we delve into the less obvious meanings, in not particular order. The “*” (asterisk) near the center of the logo combines with the 1; “1*” was adopted by emergency services and military personnel as a reminder that we have only “1 ass to risk”. It’s a reminder for us to do what we can to be safe, and go home.
The shield with the lightning bolt in the center comes from a tattoo I have. In the tattooed version the shield being part red for the Fire service, lightning bolt being white for EMS, and the other part of the shield blue for law enforcement. The shield being surrounded  by a thick black outline signifying chaos, darkness and trouble. The meaning being that first responders are the quick responding shield in the darkness to protect/help others. Embodied here in this logo, and joined by two half shields behind it – again to signify that even that we are, each of us, the shield and are not standing alone.
From there, I’ll draw your attention to the birds wings – strong and outstretched – the bird a nod to my nickname of “Duck”, but these wings depicted strong and outstretched like those of a bird fighting back, preparing to take off, or flying. The wings in this position symbolizing us fighting back, or soaring over problems wherever and whatever they may be.
And finally the general distressed nature of the logo meant to show that we may be bruised and battered by what we’ve been through, but that ultimately we’re still here. No matter what difficulties we’ve faced, we’re still standing. All together, a beautiful embodiment of the “12 seconds of courage”.
With regard to any “12 seconds” merch, it is the goal and intention that any merchandise that ever holds this logo will be priced with a $10 (USD) profit, with that $10 then being gifted on behalf of the community as a whole toward reputable suicide prevention organizations. It is ok to not be ok, and there is no shame in reaching out for help.